Letter Of Enquiry

Letter of Enquiry is letter demand. It a formal letter for company. Usualy there are phrases like, What we require, what we need is, or we would like to. Like a formal letter, it have as  structured as a formal letter. So, inside a letter have  head letter, return address, date, inside address, salution, body, complimentary close, signiture or typed name. This is a example letter of enquiry :


Yuuri Systems Inc.

3113 Theatre Road

Toronto, Ontorio K9w 4J7


                                                                                                            July 2. 2009

Sir, Adelbert Von Wick

Wicth Street 245


United Kingdom

Dear Sir Adelbert,

We are an industrial organisation established in 1967 by Government  decree and we operate here  in Canada and would be most grateful if you could help us.

We most interested in extending industry in this area. One of our projects is to establish a computer industry and we would like you thoughts on the possibility of sharing to find a suitable partner.We like to built the most technology computer with a large-scale and a strong technical staff.

We could be most grateful if you would recommend a United Kingdom industry, which fits this description.

                                                                                                      Your Faithfully,

                                                                                                        Selena Wexlord

Reference: Baresford, Cynthia. 1995. Bussiness Communication Practical Written English for The Bussiness World London : Butter & Tenner Ltd.

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